Mobile development

.Net and Javascript Contracting Services

Are you looking for a.Net and Javascript development contractor experienced in building high availability responsive websites?

Based in south Manchester I’m typically interested in contracts between 1 and 6 months and can work either on-site or remotely depending on the project nature or job location. I’m comfortable working in any size team or independently and have worked on both mature and greenfield projects.

Feel free to contact me directly to discuss your requirements or take a look at my current profile to see if my skill-sets are inline with your project requirements

Bytechaser mobile development

Mobile and Responsive Site Development

Have you noticed how many of your customers are viewing your products from smartphones and tablets? (If not check your analytics). It is now more important than ever to ensure that your website is effective on all devices and not just a desktop browser.

Supporting multiple devices often involves far more than a few design tweaks. Plugins such as flash and silverlight are simply not supported on IOS devices and poor css and scripting can cause key functionality to fail which can limit your customer’s progress.

So what can you do about this?
The recommended approach is to build a responsive solution that adapts automatically to each device. Not only is this option easier to maintain, it can also improve your seo because you have one single source of content. Google has publicly stated that they prefer responsive websites.

If you’d like more information then please contact me

Bytechaser Facebook application development

Facebook Application Development

Engage with your customers through Facebook. If you already have a facebook presence I can help you integrate your product and services via the facebook api.

By integrating your services with facebook you can access user profile information making it easier for your customers to both take advantage of your products and share your products with others.

If you’re still not sure how facebook integration could work for you please feel free to contact me directly. I provide a complete development service or can provide a consultancy service to help your development team

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