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ByteChaser.com is a developer website made up with articles, useful resources and a dictionary of custom functions that you can drop into your applications and web projects. Coding articles are generally based around C#, SQL Server, .Net and web based technologies such as Asp.Net, CSS and Javascript.

C#, Asp.Net, Javascript and SQL Server Articles

The ByteChaser.com articles section contains a large collection of developer orientated articles focusing on all the areas that career developers should find useful. Articles range from Getting Started information helping you pick up a new skill-set to the latest coding techniques and practices across a range of technologies and languages.

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The ByteChaser Function Library

The ByteChaser function library is a large collection of functions written in a variety of languages such as C# and Javascript. The purpose of the library is to provide you the developer a toolkit of procedures that you can plug into your code with no effort.

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Developer Resources and Reference Material

The Resources section of the site contains a collection of useful data all in one place along with details of useful tools and websites.

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