If you’ve been using grunt or gulp to build your frontend applications then I highly recommend you take a look at Webpack. At first webpack does seem pretty complicated and the configuration (at least in my mind) is not that obvious however once you get it up and running you’ll find you can dispense of all your gulp or grunt build scripts and just have one config file.

For simple projects webpack is pretty easy use however it more complicated projects with multiple outputs can require a little more thought, though they are still possible.

Once you’ve got webpack working, building production output is just a matter of calling webpack –p. Webpack will automatically embed images and fonts, copy over files, minify javascript and css and add lazy loading options all out of the box (sort of).

One of the most useful features, is the in memory server, which detects and rebuilds your static content automatically.

If you’ve need help with your static builds then please contact me

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