PostgreSQL has certainly moved on in many areas (except the tooling). I first worked with PostgreSQL in 2007 and access was through the command line and PGAdmin. Later on the project was migrated to SQL Server however there were a number of things that we took for granted in PostgreSQL like enums which we really missed. Roll on 9 years and PostgreSQL has kept moving forward and become a pretty popular relational database, particularly because of it’s support for JSON objects which allows you to get some NoSQL benefits along with the ACID support you would expect from a relational database.

If you’re looking for a low cost, reliable and scalable database then PostgreSQL may fit the bill. Getting started is easy as you can install it using the official docker container. As a Node developer I found Sequelize made it really easy to develop with, mainly because the syntax is almost identical to mongoose. In fact the syntax is so similar that on one project where I realised MongoDB was a more suitable solution, migrating a pretty large schema and all the supporting code took about a day.

Whilst PostgreSQL is a great db, you need someone who can administer it especially in a live environment. If you’ve never worked with PostgreSQL then creating the first database and getting the permissions right can be a little tricky as it’s poorly documented, however once you get past that, your orm e.g. sequelize will handle most of the hard work for you.

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