Node JS

It doesn’t seem to matter what technology you work with, chances are there’s some node related aspect. For me Node was initially a bit of fun having spent so many years working with c#, I quite liked the un-opinionated approach, the incredible number of modules and the speed one could build applications. In the beginning the lack of types felt rather liberating, however as applications grew in size it felt like much of time spent debugging would have been avoided if there were a strongly typed approach.

With TypeScript and ES6 you really start to get the benefits of a more structured and readable code base.

Node is ideal building all kinds of services from api proxies to backend data consumers. In a SOA/Microservices architecture you can introduce node apps along side other frameworks.

If you’re looking to build projects quickly that perform and scale well even on low cost infrastructure then you should certainly consider Node.

If you’re considering introducing Node to your development team then feel free to contact me as I can help speed up the process with help around architecture patterns, deployment, testing, debugging and tooling.

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