ReproStudio was a windows application designed to make archiving, viewing and printing large format images easy. The product came in 2 versions, Express and Professional with the professional version being capable of batch processing 1000’s of scanned images at a time. The product made it easy to index documents and cropping, cleaning, deskewing and rotating were all handle easily.

The initial archiving solution relied on the JetDB associated with MS Access however over time this was replaced with a native datasource, which was faster and reduced the deplyment dependencies. In 2006 a web based solution was developed that could be copied onto a cd and run from a browser. The entire search engine and display was managed in javascript.

This was years before single page applications became commonplace.

At the time there was very little in the way of javascript debugging, just a small plugin found in the eclipse framework. To get around this, the entire application was written in C# and then ported over to javascript.

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