Consulting & Contracting

Bytechaser provide both on and off site consulting and contracting services including Full stack development, Application design, Technical Architecture.

Upgrading your technology stack

With technology moving forward at lightening speed it can leave your team working with languages and frameworks that have started to fall out of favour with many developers. This can become a big problem over time as support starts to dwindle and recruiting becomes more and more challenging as few developers would choose to work with legacy products.

Bytechaser can assist your development team with the adoption or upgrading of a variety of JavaScript frameworks including Angular, React, Node and Typescript. We can also help with things like implementing CI, testing, version control and job management through products like Jira.

Building up your development team

Creating a development team can challenging and expensive if you get it wrong. Bytechaser can help recruiting the following roles Node/.net developers, technical architects, development managers, project managers, testers, dev-ops, front-end and full stack developers. We can help write job specs, find candidates directly, work with recruiters and interview candidates.

Do you have an app/project you'd like a quote for?

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