It’s been a while now since Angular 2 was officially released, in fact we’re now up to version 4, however there’s still quite a lot developers still working on Angular 1.x. The main problem for many experienced Angular developers is that migrating to version 2+ requires more than just an npm update.

There are many articles around describing Angular 2 as a totally different framework to version 1 and that you basically need to start again. This isn’t true and whilst on first glance things may appear a little foreign, as soon as you start working through tutorials you’ll realise that a lot of your 1.x knowledge carries through. The biggest change for some will actually be the introduction of TypeScript. There are loads of articles that say you don’t need use TypeScript with Angular 2 however you’re going to struggle if you don’t, as most, if not all the tutorials and examples are written in TypeScript. If you’ve worked with C# before then TypeScript will feel very comfortable and you should find yourself right at home in about 30 minutes.

So where do you start? As with any new language, the easiest way to learn is to start coding however to get up to speed I’ve picked 3 videos that I found particularly useful. The videos are quite similar however they all present the information from a different perspective so by the 3rd video you should be in a position to start developing.

The videos cover almost everything you need to know to including routing, components, directives, decorators, http calls and project conventions.

Angular 2 feels much cleaner and the component architecture is far more elegant. The event binding and passing data in and out of components is a huge improvement to the $scope based nature of version 1.x.

Once you’ve started working with version 2+ you’ll not want to go back.

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